The Studios


We work with only the “Elite” studios. Don’t settle or ruin your chances of taking your career as far as it can go because you jump on the first thing that comes your way! Give us a chance to explain how the business works and what steps you should take and the order you should take them in first! Yes, accepting the wrong booking in the beginning can very well end your career options before it begins!

They are located in several larger cities. San Francisco, New York, Austin, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. 

All the studios will pay for your air fare, hotel, and food for while you are there. Models are only expected to get themselves to their own airport and then back home – just like you would have have to get yourself to any standard “Work Place” job. Because the pay is usually pretty high, most studios will not re-imburse your parking or gas for your drive to your airport. Once you are at the studio’s airport, transportation is coordinated and provided for.



You will not be filming in some run-down hotel room. These studios are legit. They often will film in elaborate and professional studio settings, or sometimes on location in beautiful homes.

Every studio works differently. Some studios will have several people on set while you do your scene.

We prefer to work with studios that work with only 1 person on set, as this takes the pressure of the model to perform. Often there is porn of your choice playing, and the director can give the model some “alone time” to recharge and get aroused by stepping out of the room. Afer a couple shoots, models become more comfortable, and tend to not care who is in the room. The learn to focus and get the job done.



Most shoots will require a solo masturbation scene before going to the expense of placing you with other talent. They will want to know your chemistry, energy, and how well you perform. This shoot is usually very low-key and simple, and if you are a natural show-off, most performers have a lot of fun.

Some models will consider doing an “Oral” video where they kick back and watch a porn and receive head (you don’t have to return the favor!). This can really make your trip more lucrative by doing two scenes on one trip

Often the studios have a No Pressure attitude. If it is something you think you might be able to do while there to do your solo, they will just book a late flight the next day, to give you time to shoot the second oral scene. If you get there, and decide the situation doesn’t feel right, you can opt out and just spend some extra time at the airport waiting for your return flight home.

But I have to say, 90 percent of guys tend to opt to do the oral scene. It is very easy to do, and most straight guys have an “Ah Ha!” moment where they finally “get” how it is so many straight guys are performing in gay productions.

You can certainly start off with a Solo only shoot, but we do encourage models to at least keep the travel option available to them. Many guys will arrive to do just the solo, and have an early morning flight out the next day, then realize that everything is cool and chill and want to do the Oral video, but there is no way to schedule or change flights. So at least consider it as an option. And if not, no big deal.


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