About Us

Here is more information to help you learn what we do in the Adult/Porn Business.

We are a non-commission agency and work to help match new adult talent with the best and highest paying adult production companies.

We never take a percentage of your pay. We will try to guide you the best we can as to what production companies are looking for, what studio will likely work with you, and give you tips on how to improve your look and chances for working for an elite company.

The production companies pay us a Finder’s Fee for helping locate great new and fresh talent that fits with their company’s image/brand. They are very busy, and often are innundated with potential models. We make it easy for them by finding them the best already. This is how we can get away with not charging you any fees- the production companies pay us. So don’t be worried that we will be trying to take a percentage of your earnings like 99% of those you will come across who claim to be agents and recruiters!

Some companies may only want to work with you once, but most are looking for solid-performing guys, willing to join a team and work slowly but steadily for one company, to avoid over-exposing a model.

Pay for shoots, depending on what is being done, can range from $500 to $1,900. Some studios will pay as much as $3000 for a full-interactive video. Pay has been dropping for adult models, as so many people are trying to get in the industry because of the economy. So anything around $3000 is considered very high pay for a couple hours of work.

A models first performance will tell whether or not they will be booked for a second time.

Always remember that your round-trip plane tickets and hotel stay are paid for without a charge to you ever. You are only responsible for getting yourself to and from your own airport.

Models are paid before they leave after a successful adult production. Failed shoots may have a cancellation fee if a model cannot perform.

All Models will be tested before any full-intercourse sex scenes if shooting without condoms. If you are working for only one studio, usually that studio will pay for this testing for you.

Becoming an “Overnight Sensation” is hard to do in the industry. Slow and steady work is the best and a great way for you to build a name brand for yourself.

Most shoots will require a solo masturbation scene before going to the expense of placing you with other talent. They will want to know your chemistry, energy, and how well you perform. This shoot is usually very low-key and simple, and if you are a natural show-off, most performers have a lot of fun.

Solo Masturbation scenes normally take about 1-2 hours to film. Often there will be adult-oriented photos taken before doing the actual Solo video. Most Solo scenes require at least 12-14 minutes before ejaculation. Often there is adult-video playing for you, though directors will encourage you to play to the cameras, or get into your own head space- just not sit and stare at a TV.

As we mentioned, we only work with the best studios, so the atmosphere will be extremely professional, but still fun!